Protect Your Intellectual Property

If you develop .NET applications using C#, VB.NET or any other .NET programming language your source code is easily accessible.

During compilation of a .NET application, the source code is translated into byte code known as Intermediate Language (IL) rather than platform or processor-specific object code.
The original source code can be recovered within seconds by utilizing, freely available tools that read the IL code and derive the original source code from it. Now, your Intellectual Property can be studied, code can be modified to produce a pirated version of your software.

Agile.NET code protection module secures the IL code stored in .NET assemblies. By implementing a unique code protection technology it blocks attackers from recovering the original source code. Agile.NET binds to the .NET runtime engine and prevents access to the IL code even when it's stored in memory. The Agile.NET execution engine assures that at most a single method will reside in memory in its decrypted form at any given time.


Supports Windows Forms, Component developers, and ASP.NET applications.

The protection scheme employed by Agile.NET generates .NET compatible assemblies. Application code flow remains intact ensuring that your code behaves exactly the same as the original. The hosting environment is not restriced by any means, this makes Agile.NET the perfect choice for component developers, ASP.NET applications as well as WinForms applications.

Method level protection

Agile.NET goes beyond obfuscation solutions by protecting the code itself, replacing the original code with stub methods so they can't be decompiled. During execution it creates a runtime environment that executes the original MSIL code by decrypting one method at a time, this important virtue minimizes the exposure of MSIL code in memory thus prevents dumping the code from physical memory.

Compatible with ClickOnce deployment & usage of reflection API

Protected assemblies appear as managed assemblies thus compatibility with ClickOnce deployment scenario is preserved.
Unlike obfuscation solutions classes & methods names are left intact ensuring usage of reflection API is left unharmed.

QA cycles are shortened since it's less likely that application code flow behaves differently than expected due to .NET incompatabilities introduced during the protection process.

Prevents debugging of protected assemblies

Agile.NET implements strong anti-debugging schemes into the protected assemblies to prevent debugging of the protected code.

The anti-debugging logic is embedded into the assembly adding another layer of protection that harden the overal protection scheme.

String encryption

Agile.NET secures sensitive data such as license codes, time lock expiration date, database connection strings, etc. Strings are decrypted only when they are demanded by your application code.

x64 platform support

Supports 32-bit and 64-bit applications

Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 4.6 support

Support all versions of the .NET framework including version 4.0, the framework that ships with windows 7.  

Mixed-mode Assemblies Support

Agile.NET can process mixed-mode assemblies.

MSBuild and NAnt build Integration

Agile.NET integrates with MSBuild and NAnt thus promoting its usage as a part of an entire range of complex build scenarios.

SecureTeam is a global provider of .NET code protection & software licensing solutions. Its products allows software vendors to extend protection beyond obfuscation solutions by encrypting MSIL code and decrypting it one method at a time during exceution. Global leaders utilize SecureTeam's solution to protect their intellectual property, guard their code against tampering or code theft & control the usage of their software.