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SecureTeam Technology allows software publishers to secure their revenues by protecting software from unauthorized usage, theft, tampering, or other corruption. SecureTeam offers solutions to various industries ranging from financial services to global enterprises to content providers to game developers and many other industries. SecureTeam protection technologies are deployed on millions of computers and devices around the world. SecureTeam customers are able to secure their applications on most platforms - those to which a potential hacker has full and unrestricted access, such as mobile devices, dekstop computers and embedded systems.

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What People Say About Us

Secureteam seems to be only vendor on the .NET software protection market who was able to provide us with a fast and reliable solution. That makes us sure that our intellectual property is well protected and in conjunction with Secureteam’s rapid support helped us greatly reduce our product’s development time and cost.

Mike Southgate, Developer Siemens E&A