Add copy protection to your software in less than 5 minutes! code protection let's you introduce new pricing, packaging and software licensing models to existing software.

software licensing

Increase Your Revenues

Engage prospects by offering trial downloads. Let prospects experience use of your product, helping increase sales conversions. Seed the market with trial versions of your application without having to worry about losing control of your product distribution process.

Control Software Usage

Control where and when your software is used, easily offer a variety of license models to flexibly price and package products creating new revenue opportunities and enhancing customer satisfaction. Licensing models include subscription, time-limited, feature-based, hardware-locked, node-locked, concurrent/floating, and trial/evaluation licensing.

control how your software is used anytime, anywhere
prevent software piracy

Prevent Software Piracy

According to the BSA (Business Software Alliance) over half of the world’s personal computer users — 57 percent — admit to pirating software. SecureTeam patented code virtualization technology provide the strongest level of protection available in market today. Our code protection technology is trusted by US military, intelligence agencies, game developers and fortune 500 companies.

Build Product Versatility

Identify individual features and have ability to bundle those individual features into multiple service packages with a variety of pricing options. Introduce different packages without writing a single line of code. Expand your market reach by offering several product editions to capture the entire market spectrum.

break your software to features licensed individually
prevent overuse by monitoring license usage

Prevent overuse of licensed software

Not all piracy is malicious, passive software misuse is generally common in enterprise organizations. Seat sharing or usage past date of contract are common due to software publisher’s inability to enforce license compliance. Using hardware locking and subscription license enforcement you can ensure your customers comply with their license agreement terms.

Integrate with any payment service provider solution

A complete Licensing API lets you automate common license tasks. Generate custom licenses on demand when customers places an order. Create a support portal for staff to generate licenses. Generate licenses based on product selections.

licensing API
central license server

Floating License Support

Let your users install the software anywhere on their network, but control how many instances of your application they can share at the same time.

Add copy protection to your product in just 5 minutes

Quickly and easily add copy protection to your software running .NET 2.0 and up, Compact Framework 2.0 and up, ASP. NET, Silverlight 2.0 and up (XAML), WPF (BAML), XNA framework and more.

five minutes
license management dashboard

Web-based Administrator Console

Enable end customers monitor, administer and manage shared licenses.

Prevent Unauthorized Copying

Prevent license tampering with industry standard public cryptography. code protection uses the same SSL encryption used to protect e-commerce transactions. Keys are split into two parts. Your private key (kept secret) used to create, encrypt and seal licenses, and a public key stored in your application used to authenticate licenses.