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Explore compiled code easily with contextual and context-insensitive navigation, usage search, as well as different code structure and hierarchy views.

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export decompiled code

Export Decompiled Code

Export source code of a single class or entire artifact to a file or a directory. Save a lot of time if you need to restore lost source code from an artifact.

Find Symbol Usages

Search where symbols such as a class or a method are referenced. Simply click on a symbol and invoke Find Usages to look for all usages of a symbol across all loaded artifcats. Search results are displayed in the Find Results window, and organized in a hierarchy. From this window you can directly navigate to any usage.

find code symbol
goto code symbole

Search any Symbol

Navigate to a specific symbol declaration, such as a class or a class member with ease. Type in part of the symbol name and use the auto suggest box below to locate a symbol.

Navigate class hierarchies

Navigate up and down an inheritance hierarchy from a specific class or a class member by using Navigate to Base Symbols and Navigate to Derived Symbols.

navigate class hierarchies
java bytecode viewer

View Java bytecode

Whenever in need to analyze code at bytecode level, you can navigate to Java bytecode from anywhere in decompiled Java code. View Java bytecode in a seperate window, that is automatically synchronized with the main code viewer.