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JFuscator, Powerful Code Protection & Obfuscation Solution for Java

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Obfuscation That Works!

JFuscator Protects more of your application than any other obfuscator because it knows what is safe to change and what needs to be left alone. JFuscator automatically detects and modifies calls to reflection API to remain consistent with renamed symbols names.

String Morphing

Morphs strings containing sensitive data to a none string representation, making them no longer available as strings in the constant pool. Lets string decryption take place in different parts of the protected application, making an attack based on targeting encrypted strings become impossible.

before and after applying string encryption
before and after applying control flow obfuscation

Smart Flow Obfuscation

Breaks high level constructs such as loops, conditional and branching instructions by applying code transformations at the byte code level. JFuscator obscures program flow without changing what the code does at runtime.

Highly Configurable

Jfuscator excludes a member from obfuscation using an exclusions dialog that lists all classes, methods and fields declared in your application. Use the exclusions dialog to seamlessly avoid renaming of unwanted classes, methods or fields.

jfuscator exclusions dialog
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Java 7 Compatible

Jfuscator supports all JDKs from 1.1 up to and including Java 7.

Build Tools

Integrate JFuscator protection with your build scripts, JFuscator can be run as a task in the Java-based build tool Ant or a using its command line tool.

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Debugging Support

Remove debug information by stripping source code line numbers and document URLs, name and type of local variables are removed as well.

Protect Any Archive

Protect any type of archive used to deploy your application, including Jar, Zip, War and Ear file archives.

Cross Class Renaming

Obfuscate multiple classes, residing in different archives. JFuscator will detect references to renamed classes and members and modify them to ensure reference remain valid and consistent.

Incremental Obfuscation

Deploy patches or support add-ons by making sure that new names of classes and members are consistent with the ones used in previously obfuscated version.