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Unbreakable Code Protection uses a patented technology that transforms MSIL code into virtual opcodes that will only be understood by a secure virtual machine. The virtual machine processes the virtual opcodes directly, emulating the original code behavior without transforming the code back to its original form. Breaking the protection becomes NP-complete problem, thus making the only obfuscator that guarantees your code can't be broken!

Agile .net obfuscator code protection process
Agile .net obfuscation process

Native Code Generation for .NET Core assemblies

Transform MSIL code of .net core assemblies to native code, stripping away MSIL code completely thus providing native code grade protection.

Agile .net obfuscation process

Next Generation Obfuscator

Obfuscates every aspect of your code, including class and method names, managed resources, user strings, methods implementation, system and library calls. Protects more of your application than any other obfuscator because it knows what is safe to change and what needs to be left alone. Nevertheless, it gives you full control of the obfuscation process.

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Works with all .NET Technologies

Join our rapidly growing customer base consisting of thousands of customers using every day to protect their software running on .NET Core 3.1, .NET 2.0 and up, WinRT, WP7, WP8, Compact Framework 2.0 and up, ASP. NET, Silverlight 2.0 and up (XAML), WPF (BAML), XNA, ClickOnce and more.

Secureteam is a key partner for the delivery of our products, in terms of providing the expertise, commitment to quality and excellent support that will allow us to protect our IP thus directly affecting our revenues. Secureteam has an intense understanding of the software protection market which has enabled us to provide a reliable protection scheme that ensures that nobody is tampering with our code.

Konstantinos Mavridis, Software Architect

When it comes to protecting IPR, no one takes this subject any more seriously that we do here at Parallels. Of all code security products and teams that I have dealt with, SecureTeam has shown outstanding precedence in what they do. Not only high quality, rapid support, but have actively shown an interest in listening to the needs of our business with fast turnaround developments making sure that we have the very best solutions, for this difficult and sensitive problem.

Dmitry Khabarov, Project manager

Over the years other vendors joined the marketplace, and today we have to make sure we protect our code against reverse engineering. We don’t want to expose our IP to our competitors.

George Piscsalko, President, President, PDI

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